Do you have an eating disorder?

Do you have an eating disorder?

Do you Have an Eating Disorder?

  1. You have disordered eating behaviors like eating too much or too little.
  2. You have negative feelings about your body image and do unhealthy things to feel better about it like using laxatives or making yourself throw up after meals.
  3. You eat many different kinds of food or a lot of one thing in a very short period of time or you continue this for hours.
  4. You feel shame and guilt after you eat. You eat secretly.
  5. You eat to numb out feelings or to comfort yourself.
  6. You have an unrealistic view of your body (like you think your fat when you’re not) and you restrict your food intake.
  7. You have  a lot of anxiety about food and other issues.
  8. You strive for perfection and this reflects in your view of your body. You engage in compensatory behaviors to achieve this.
  9. You restrict your food intake as a way to control your situation and the chaos you feel around you. 10. You exercise to burn off every calorie you take in. Of course there are other behaviors I could add to this list. You probably know if something is off with your eating behavior and your feelings about food.

Take the short Eating Disorder Test!  Watch the visual guide for more understanding about eating disorders Here >>> 

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